Life lately

Hi there! It’s been a while, but that’s ok. Let’s get this started.

After my classes finished up last semester I jumped right into working 40+ hours each week and hitting the gym harder. #badplan. I’m feeling more overwhelmed currently than I did while still in school which is not a good thing especially considering the summer months are intended for a mental break before classes start back up again in the fall. I’m heading into a difficult semester and I need to feel refreshed and excited not worn down and an anxiety attack waiting to happen.

I’m changing the game and getting my shit together for lack of a better term. I’m trying hard to not strictly schedule things so that I’m able to keep my day-to-day as fluid as possible. I’ve mentioned this before and I’m finally beginning to realize just how crucial it is for me to have this balance. After all, I don’t have school right now so the only real commitment I have is work. My social life and my gym life don’t have to be rigid. For the bulk of June I was strictly scheduling when I would do everything and for each week that was more organized than the previous I was also more of a head-case than the prior. Things happen and I need to learn to be able to move things around on the fly and not even think twice to place any worry. Such as life.


So in my attempt to gain some sanity and enjoy these last two months of summer break I’m doing my best to keep things open. Fluid, like water. Just go with the flow. I have my work schedule set to pretty much the same times each week which definitely helps me too.

What else is new? A lot. I turned the big 21 on June 14th! Being one of “those people” who didn’t really drink ever prior to their 21st birthday bash, I was a mess. But hey, you have to learn somehow, right? I’ve definitely been enjoying the social aspect of being able to go out and drink – it’s allowing me to enjoy myself a bit more and spend time with those that I care about and want to have in my life. I’m a fairly introverted person so going out isn’t usually my game, but lately it’s been fun to just let go of my completely irrational fears and just GO FOR IT and go out because honestly as cliché as it is, life is too short.




  We were photo-bombed. Typical.


Last weekend I attended a wedding (and had my first mimosa, see I told ya). The wedding venue was absolutely beautiful and the weather was perfect. So incredible happy for the bride and groom and blessed to know them.


Selfies with the bride.




All in all life is good. I’ll do a gym update in the future as that is a whole post on its own. I’m working on balance and finding what way works best for me and my personality. I’m finding that the more I simply let-go, the more I actually feel grounded. New things are coming and I’m excited to share them on the blog. Which brings me to saying that I hope to be back posting a few times a week which. Progress is a process, you just have to keep going.


“There is in this world no such force as the force of a person determined to rise. The human soul cannot be permanently chained.” – W.E.B. Du Bois

3 thoughts on “Life lately”

  1. It looks like you had a great 21st! I too didn’t really drink a lot until I turned 21 so on that day, I got pretty plastered. I got plastered a few times in college, but it was all good because I didn’t stay that way and I didn’t do it when I had early classes, work, etc. It’s really all about balance.

    Mimosas are quite delicious- very popular here in Charleston too.

  2. What a great birthday and awesome update!! I’m so happy for you Sarah. Your mental prowess is EPIC and I love your balance of going with the flow and “taking life by the horns” attitude.
    And this: “I’m finding that the more I simply let-go, the more I actually feel grounded.” I love that and couldn’t agree more! I’m slowly discovering how letting things simply happen and play out on their own is SO much easier and less stressful than worrying about it or trying to solve it.
    You inspire me girl ❤ Can't wait to hear the excitement coming in your future!!

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