Favorite things: July

Hello there! I want to begin a series of different things I’m enjoying each month. I’ve seen this on numerous other blogs and wanted to join in on the concept, because I think it’s great and fun! With trying to blog more I don’t want to always be talking about more serious topics – I want to break it up. Equal parts fun and serious discussions. Having a balance of the two is important for me.

Before jumping in can I just say how excited I am that it is August? Not to rush time but I’m a fan of learning and can’t wait to be back in a classroom setting come September 2nd. It’ll be here before I know it and I absolutely want to enjoy the rest of my summer relaxing time, but I also am excited to get back pursing my dream of being a physician. Oh the dilemma 😉

Baoding balls. These things are a blessing. Seriously do yourself a favor and buy some.

Red wine. Because it’s my first full legal month. Which actually means it’s my first full month drinking. Because I was that person. Kind of.

I’ve been obsessed with green juice lately. I honestly never thought I would be one to say that because the idea of juicing to me for so long was that it’s unnecessary and costly. While it is quite $$$, I’m also finding some solid benefits. For starters when I work back to back long shifts such as closing then immediately opening and hitting the gym in between my body asks for some support. It’s a convenient way to get in nutrients. For seconds, fiber is taken out of the equation when juicing so there isn’t all that roughage if too much fiber is something you struggle with. So many people are all “I need more fiber”, and I’m over here all “I need less”. My body can’t handle a ton. And by that I clearly mean my digestive system tends to become absurdly upset with me. Not cool.

928574_255832381276287_124704332_n Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, apple, and kiwi.

On the topic of green things… green monsters have been even more frequent than juice. While I’d love to drink the above everyday my wallet can’t support that. I mean it could but about half of my other expenses would have to go. I can’t really go without gas. Or food. Or coffee. Did I just say I can’t go without coffee? That’s a topic for a different day. Anyways, green monsters are great because they allow for a ton of nutrients (fiber included, but roughage broken down to liquid form) and they taste great. Especially when it’s hot and sticky here in seacoast New Hampshire. Cold, yummy, awesome. The only downside? They look like broccoli soup. That’s what my co-worker tells me. She was convinced until I made her try a sip and she loved it. Winning.

10326367_1380958305498223_372647598_n Unsweetened vanilla almond milk, spinach, banana, mixed berries, strawberry protein powder.

Increasing my time journaling.

Actually painting my nails. I think the last time prior to about a month ago was for a holiday or some family function. I didn’t even paint them for the wedding I attended in June.

securedownload Essie tart deco, smokin’ hot, and she said yes. I’m a fan of these.

What else have I been loving… Well I mean there is yoga and meditation, but those aren’t exactly secrets. With continuing my increased yoga practice I’m feeling better mentally and physically than I have in years. I literally can’t credit these two enough between increasing mental clarity, working through difficult decisions, increasing my self-awareness, and healing my body. Magic I tell you, magic.

10507898_593910520729890_1355017164_n Namaste.

Blogging more 🙂

Group fitness classes. Specifically body combat. I used to go on the regular but fell off the wagon when training for all my races. Fun fitness just wasn’t aloud. Well I’m changing the name of the game. It’s now about what I am feeling on each given day.

Justin’s maple almond butter. No surprise here. In my defense it’s a re-kindled flavor obsession.

10576033_710693569015543_320746607_n This stuff is magic. And I put it on everything.


So that is that. I just wrote a post about the little things, and posted pictures of almond butter and nail polish onto my website. On the plus side I didn’t post a selfie of my coffee cup, I’ll save that for instagram. This is a post which is oddly outside of my comfort zone. Cheers to breaking free, new beginnings, and letting go of the fear which holds us back. What have you been loving lately?

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

3 thoughts on “Favorite things: July”

  1. I’ve not tried BodyCombat but my gym has it, so I really need to try it out one afternoon. I’m such a morning workout person that it’s hard to make it to a class in the afternoon, but maybe one day i can do it… or maybe they’ll do a morning class sometime.

    I love green juice and green smoothies! You are right about the fiber- my body can only handle so much of it too. Everything now is just fortified with fiber because I guess they figure most people eat too much junk (true), but when you already eat a lot of veggies and fruits and get the natural fiber, it’s really hard to find things like protein bars, etc, for a quick snack, that isn’t full of fiber. I don’t think that getting more than 100% a day is really better… LOL. Not the case for me. I think the juices get a bad rep for the sugar content, but honestly… I feel better when I drink them and think including beets in there helps me recover from workouts and spinach/kale helps me get more iron in my diet.

  2. My body kind of hates me having too much fiber, too! I look about 8 months pregnant when I have too much veggies/fruits/etc. haha. I just love them so much!! Anyways…

    I love your nail polish colors. All of them! So cute. 🙂

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