What I’ve learned

Hi guys! It’s been a hot minute since I last posted. Lame on my part. On the not so lame side, school started up just over two weeks ago which is crazy! I feel like just yesterday I was gearing up to go back and now things are already in full-swing. I opted for only enrolling in two courses this semester which are chemistry and calculus. I’ve been having some miscellaneous medical things going on which I need to be able to place my primary focus on. So in order to not load my plate up well beyond my current ability, part-time school it is. Honestly I’m ok with it because it’s allowing me to focus more on those courses and really learn the material which will help me as I move into organic chemistry, biochemistry, and physics next year. Learning the foundation well never hurt anyone.

Now that all that’s out of they way… onto today’s post content! One theme that seems to be re-occurring recently is that there is so much I’m learning now and so much I have already learned and let go of that is really shaping me into the person I want to be, and the physician I hope to be in the future. These things for the most part aren’t highly specific to my life and my life only, they are everyday things and mindsets which anyone can adopt for themselves. In fact, the main driving reason behind my decision to share them on the blog is to provide some insight and (hopefully) motivation to readers to get going further on their personal journey.

  1. Be insanely grateful for all that you have and all that you have the opportunity to do.
  2. Say YES. However, know when to say NO… and take pride in that because it shows you accept your limits and respect yourself.
  3. Figure out your sh*t. Whether this is health related, work, financial, relationship, ect. You deserve to be on the path that you truly wish to be on. Don’t settle for less because you don’t think you deserve it. That’s pure bullsh*t, just an FYI.
  4. Learn how to listen to your body… and then actually do that as well. Oftentimes I find and/or hear about people just going through the motions, feeling sub-par, and wishing to feel better but not actually doing anything towards that. It takes work to feel good. A good foundation in my opinion is always sleep, nutrition, hydration, and some form of stress-relief. Besides these factors our bodies are always giving us clues, little informative pieces of information, which we can either chose to listen to or chose to ignore. Either way, the choice is completely up to you.
  5. Find your spiritual side. Religious or non, just find something you can tap into that brings you back to why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  6. Smile. Laugh. Cry. Take a day to do absolutely nothing, it’s actually quite healing.
  7. Grow up and stop waiting for a magic pill to fix your problems. Sorry to break it to you but it probably isn’t going to happen. On the off chance it does it probably won’t last because our deepest fears have this strange way of manifesting themselves. You fix it yourself, and then inspire the heck out of others to get on the same wavelength.
  8. Nourish yourself. By this I mean your soul and the body. There is mental health and there is physical health, and without both, well, that isn’t really living.
  9. Be open to change. The only way we grow is through experience and the ability to adapt, learn, and question ourselves.
  10. Take your health seriously. Trust me, it’s not worth risking it.

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Now go get after it and thrive. Do it for you.

Much love, S 🙂

4 thoughts on “What I’ve learned”

    1. Aw, thank you Amy! You are so kind. I will post a detailed update soon, just trying to figure out how I want to put it out there. Hope you are well! 🙂

  1. YES to this post!! If I was taking the courses you’re taking I would only take those two for the semester–good health or not–those are TOUGH classes!

    So many of the points you made really resonate with me. I agree that we all need to figure our ish out because we desrve to be on the right path!

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