Favorite things: November

Hi there! It’s been a wee bit longer than I planned since my last post, what can I say, life happens. But considering it’s now Decemeber 2nd (uhm, huh, what?!) I figured I should probably get myself together and tell you guys about the things I was obsessed with in November?! It’s been a hectic week with getting all that I need together for UNH next semester, paperwork, paperwork, and oh did I mention paperwork?

First off it’s been a hot minute since I’ve touched base on my current chemistry class. It’s going really well, which I’m still a bit shocked about just because chemistry has never been a strong point for me. Ask my high school lab partner, I’m fairly certain I did the writing of the lab reports whereas she did all the actual classwork. Whoopsie. Nonetheless, I’m actually enjoying chemistry now. It’s neat. Some things are a bit tricky, such as net ionic equations but for the most part I’m understanding the equations and problems. All I really need to do is make sure I’m focusing and understanding the material when we go over it in lecture and I’m set so I’m thrilled about that! It definitely is giving me confidence for moving forward into organic chemistry and biochemistry!

So let’s jump into last months favorites, shall we?

Spotify. I’ve been a fan of Spotify since the get go but lately I’ve been creating playlists up the wazoo. It’s the best because all the music is free to listen to on your computer so when I’m home studying, meal prepping, practicing yoga, or whatever else I can tune into whatever I’m in the mood for. The playlist I’ve been adding to most recently is all yoga and meditation music. It’s awesome. Totally gets me in the zone and relaxed. Go to song currently: Let It Be by Blackmill ft. Veela! Check it out.


Breaking out the winter mugs. I’m all about feeling festive and cozy. What better than curling up with a hot cup of tea (or coffee, let’s be honest) in an adorable snowman mug? Uhm, nothing 😉 Current go to tea: Egyptian licorice from Yogi. Don’t knock it until you try it, and you might need to try it twice because I wasn’t the biggest fan at first but now I’m all about it.

snowman mug

Dark chocolate. This is my weakness, and I couldn’t give a single care. It’s good for my soul and it makes me bench press more. Fact.

theo dark

Downtown walks. Such a beautiful town, one that leaves me blessed daily to live around. This was taken prior to last weeks snowfall, which did I mention we had a white Thanksgiving? So very exciting. Now I’m just crossing my fingers that it stays around and we have a white Christmas, because that’s the best.


Getting my mobility on. The body has been feeling tight lately and I’ve been working hard to keep mobile and un-injured. So far it’s working and I’m happy with the results I’m getting by focusing my energy and putting in more time to maintenance work. My go to tools currently are Voodoo floss and a lacrosse ball. I actually just “flossed” my claves and ankles and rolled my shoulders this morning. Hurts so good.

photo 1 (8)

This concept. No further words needed.

photo 1 (7)

Turkey soup and bone broth. After roasting the Thanksgiving turkey I used the carcass the next day to make up some soup and broth! Both came out so good and I’m so glad that I made the decision to make these two super healing foods this year! My grandma always would make turkey soup after Thanksgiving and I loved it. This year I took it upon myself to take over that duty and it is definitely something I will continue doing each year! In the crockpot: turkey meat scraps, bones, carrots, onion, thyme, oregano, sage, and then towards the end I added in some fresh parsley and cilantro! SO GOOD!!


More Crockpot meals. This month has been big on the crockpot use, and I’m definitely keeping the theme going as we move into December. I randomly decided to give making homemade beef stew a whirl and I came out with a weeks worth of meals and a recipe (which I’ll be sharing). Slow cooked meals are so healing!

photo 2 (3)

All the chapstick. Badger Balm is my go to and vanilla bean tastes amazing 😉 But in all seriousness.

badger balm 

What did you enjoy in November? Did you make homemade broth after Thanksgiving? Any snow where you live yet?!


The fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind.” – Sadhguru

xo, S

One thought on “Favorite things: November”

  1. Crock pot meals are the bomb! I roasted a chicken yesterday, and I plan on making some bone broth, too! It’s the best! I love that I know what’s in it and that it’s so good for me. Bomb.com!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Chemistry!! That was a hard class for me in high school, too!

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