Current pursuits and revisiting my 2015 goals

Hey guys! Another full week of classes (no snow days) here and I’m beyond thrilled about that. #wearingmynerdhat. Today I wanted to revisit my goals for 2015, see where I stand,  and tell you a little bit about my current pursuits in life. Fascinating stuff, I know, contain yourself 😉

Back in January I set a bunch of goals for the upcoming year, and one thing I’m really trying to do is hold myself accountable to those goals. I also am being open with myself about circumstances which arise and also opportunities that I had never imaged. One thing I’ve struggled a lot with in the past is change. I get stuck in a place where even if I’m not entirely happy, I just get too comfortable. So that is one additional goal I have set for myself and am working on literally daily, and by working on I mean keeping in the back of my head.

  • Remain open to all opportunities. Don’t allow myself to get stuck in a situation which no longer serves me, merely because it’s a safety zone.

Then there are the things which I’m close to nailing down and it’s not even half way through the year.

  • I’ll be testing for my NASM-CPT certification in April and looking for a position as a personal trainer. Extremely excited about this opportunity. I think a huge component to life (at least for me) is helping others better themselves and hit their goals by providing support in things that you enjoy. For me, I live and love fitness and the pursuit of all things health and wellness and I am all about helping others reach their goals within this realm.
  • Start up at UNH. DONE, and I’m loving it.
  • Start being completely and entirely honest with myself. THIS. I’ve been doing very well with this and I think a lot of it comes from also focusing on not holding myself back. I feel like I’ve hit a spot in my life in the past few months where I feel great, am loving the direction I’m headed, and the more I focus on being my true self the more chances I’m being handed. In reality those chances have always been there I’ve just been way to deeply stuck in my head to actually consider going after them.
  • Stop taking ativan. I put this out there back in January and I’m here to say that I haven’t needed it since January. Again, I think this stems to just being true to myself. I still have considerable anxiety but I’m working on it and it’s something that is going to be very difficult for me to fully get past because I’ve dealt with it since I can remember (literally 3-4 years old). Another goal I had set is helping me on this one as well: let it be & let it go.

For pure entertainment purposes before I get into goals with aren’t being nailed down… here’s a snapshot circa 1994 (15 months old). Throwback much? I apparently thought I was a ghost, and my mother had solid taste in terms of my hair style.


Things that I haven’t even attempted:

  • Competing in a powerlifting meet. I had my sights set on a potential meet in April but with a new school, pursing my NASM certification, and just trying to re-balance myself I found this wasn’t the best idea. With my competitive history I need to ensure for my health and my sanity that I am ready. I’m not there yet. I’m close but I know myself well enough to know that right now I need enjoyment, not competition. This fits right in hand with one of my other goals (yes not going after one actually correlates with hitting another right on the head): Determine a fitness routine which both heals my body and helps me gain strength. Let’s be honest, the end goal is to compete again and feel amazing doing so.
  • Try out a new gym. I technically did do this, a local crossfit that some friends go to. I think after trying three crossfit gyms I can say with certainty… it’s not for me. I’m branching this goal out with a new one: join a yoga studio… something I’ve pondered for years and after my recovery process and really finding healing help through yoga and mediation I think it would be a great idea.
  • Explore my own nourishment and the needs of my body. AKA my digestive system could use a tad bit of tlc. I’ll be honest here while I am doing very well with nourishment and providing my body with the building blocks of fuel it needs for life, school, learning, the gym, and just enjoyment I still have much work to do in terms for digestive health. I’m not entirely sure what gives but one thing I’ll be trying is giving up coffee for a period of time. Those of you who know me well enough know that this isn’t an easy task.

I highly recommend revisiting goals every few months because I’ve found this process to be extremely helpful in regards to opening up my sights and perspective on life and letting me really feel how I’m feeling.


“She is, and forever will be a lone wolf. She’s happy living life in her own mind and she’s content with watching the world around her in silence. She’ll never belong to anyone, and that’s what’s so beautiful about her, she’s running wild.” – Emily Trinkle

4 thoughts on “Current pursuits and revisiting my 2015 goals”

  1. I was just reading over my goals for 2015 today! How weird is that?! I am so with you on reviewing everything and going over what you want and looking at how things might have even changed. I am also sooo with you on not getting into a safety zone just because a situation is comfortable but not necessarily what you really, really want. Been there, done that.. so many times. It’s something I have to work on a lot, too!

    1. So weird! Great minds think alike 😉 I think no matter how much we’ve “been there, done that” it doesn’t make it any easier. Sure, we may be more aware of the pattern – but breaking the pattern is where the magic happens.

  2. What powerlifting routine are you looking at? I am using a modified Russian routine that fits my schedule.
    Three lift days.
    Monday squat/bench
    Thursday deadlift
    Fri or Sat squat bench.

    Did my first competition
    485 squat
    475 dead
    275 bench

    The pause in the bench messed me up for higher lifts and poor hand placement.

    Sign up for one and do it!

    1. Hi Paul! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Yes I know I need to just do one! Good outline you have going there. How have you been??

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