Thinking out loud: 3/11/15

It’s Thursday. That mean’s that it’s time for thinking out loud, obviously. I love rants and being completely all over the place so what better than to dedicate a day on the blog to pure ranting and no real topic besides the slightly random accumulation of thoughts happening inside of my brain. There are lots of them, trust me.


I’m really digging this song lately either to meditate or as part of a yoga playlist. Check it out while you reading – it’s always nice to have reading music. At least I think so, do you agree?

Everything – Yinyues ft. Mimi Page

It is Thursday after all, throwback Thursday. I’m just all over day associations today. Not sure why my brain is so focused.


Christmas week 2014 at my work. Check the socks, they are Stance brand and have reindeer on them, winning.

I’ve been trying to incorporate some different things lately and one of my old favorites which I hadn’t had in quite some time was a blood orange. They just look so cool! One thing though – I think I’m mildly allergic to citrus. Whenever I eat an orange/clementine/pineapple I feel slightly sick after and my mouth feels strange. It’s nothing serious but just an observation. I think I’ll keep it to a minimum, but they are just too tasty.


As I said above, I’m trying to incorporate some different things lately… An oldie but goodie lunch/dinner (or breakfast?) is spaghetti squash + chicken + kale, all cooked in coconut oil, and sea salt + oregano added. Seriously. I would actually eat this for breakfast, so there’s that.


Yoga. Do I really need to explain much here? We all know how I feel about my yoga practice. I think one of the reasons I’ve continued to love it so much is because it really helps me balance both life (school, work, social-life, ect.) and keep me focused when I have way to much going on. Also, it really helps my body with lifting because I tend to not relax much otherwise and end up super tight. Lastly, it’s great at keeping me in touch with my spiritual side, my goals, and remembering who I am and why I’m doing what I’m doing. I had fallen off the bandwagon a little bit about a month ago just because with school I was too busy to get to class and whenever I was home I felt that I was obligated to be working on homework, not practicing yoga. Thankfully I chucked that mindset out the window and am back to practicing every other day or so, even if just for twenty minutes. On those days where I am able to make it to a class I feel extra grateful 🙂

photo 1 (5)

Another long last favorite? Kombucha. There was a point over the summer when I was drinking 3-4 bottles per week, which was probably a little too much considering I do supplement with probiotics as well… I just had my first bottle in probably close to a month and it was delicious. Some of you reading this are probably thinking either a) what’s kombucha? or, b) delicious… more like disgusting. Can’t help myself, I dig it and it’s fermented vinegar-y taste.


And to end off this thinking out loud I will tell you about how my weekend is going on consist of reviewing materials to re-certify myself for CPR. My basic certification expired in November of 14 and I let that slide because I knew I needed the healthcare provider course, so as of Monday evening I will have my BLS certification. Wahoo. I needed to get it done soon anyways because in order to take the NASM-cpt exam in April I need my certification card handy, and next week is spring break (!!!!) so I figured what better time?!


Questions for you:

1. Feelings on kombucha?

2. Are you CPR certified? If so, is it for work or just general knowledge?

“Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.” – Eckhart Toll

4 thoughts on “Thinking out loud: 3/11/15”

  1. The same thing happens to me with pineapple! I haven’t noticed it so much with other citrus fruits, but definitely pineapple! And I adore kombucha, vinegary taste and all. I keep meaning to try my hand at brewing it since it’s so darn expensive, but I think I’m afraid of doing something wrong and giving myself food poisoning or something. Eep.

    1. Pineapple is by far the worst offender! Definitely try brewing your own – it’s so worth it! While I don’t currently do it, I have before and I promise you that you would realize there is something wrong prior to giving yourself food poisoning, especially considering if you drink it on the regular you KNOW what it’s like.

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