Summer plans + a workout

Hey! Long time no chat. I’ve been craving writing a post and knew I needed to make it happen.

I’ve been uber busy with school and finishing up my personal training certification (squeeeee)! My NASM-cpt test is April 25th, so you know less than a week away. I’ve been enjoying reading the textbook – both reviewing a lot of things I’ve previously learned and gaining new knowledge. One can never learn too much, in my humble opinion. I’m just really excited to see where this goes and hopefully starting working with clients soon 🙂 Helping people achieve their fitness, wellness, and life goals = major winning.

What else is new?! Let me keep on the topic of fitness real quick here (but who am I kidding, more than half of this post is gym related)… I’ve been working really hard on my own pursuit of gaining more strength, improving my lifts, and getting back into a place where I am open to competing again. I feel stronger and more centered in this past month than I have in close to four years. Between keeping a level head, focusing on what’s truly important to me and ditching the rest, and listening to my inner-self – I’ve been able to reach some goals which I wasn’t sure I was capable to nail down anytime soon. I keep proving to myself time and time again that you really can achieve whatever you have the guts to set your mind and body to reach. If you WANT it, you CAN reach it.

There has also been a shameless selfie or two along the way, you know to keep that motivation flowing. Ok, I’m semi- not telling the complete truth, I just enjoy flexing. And biceps. 😉

11049414_1550997555151873_1948866388_n Not a care in the world. Be strong for yourself.

I also want to share a workout I recently made up on a whim, worked through, aaaannd had a ton of fun with:

conditioning 5 rnd

Note: KB swings: moderate weight here, keeping a focus on form. Use what YOUR body can handle. Deadlifts: again moderate weight, form > being a badass. Kapeesh? This workout is meant to have a conditioning focus, not specific strength gains.

In other news, I registered for a triathlon. I’ll be doing it with a friend, so it’s for fun and just to get myself back in the competitive atmosphere. While in the back of my head, and now on the blog, I do have the goal in mind to seriously compete again, right now it’s called making sure I’m ready. Trusting myself on this.

triLastly, lets chat about school for a quick second. I’m currently sitting three weeks and a day out from being done with the spring semester, where time went… I have no idea. I feel like this semester flew by. Spring tends to do that, and once it’s nice outside my brain capacity turns to mush. Partly kidding, but sadly not really. I just want to be outside, soaking up that vitamin D, preferably hiking, running, or cycling.

This semester has so far gone really well and I’m still loving my new school and coursework. I’ve started a really neat opportunity within my major as well which I’m beyond thrilled about. I had my meeting with my advisor last week and we discussed all that I still have course wise and what my plan of action is going to be. We also talked about how I intend to complete a minor in nutrition along with my neuroscience major, because WHY NOT. I’m insanely passionate about nutrition, both in terms of healing/optimal wellness and sports performance. Plus, my career goal is to be a physician, and having a background in nutritional science will only help me in that pursuit. So I’ll be meeting with the minor coordinator at school this week which hopefully goes well.

In the meantime, to keep busy over the summer – I will be taking organic chemistry 1 AND organic chemistry 2. Needless to say from May 26th until August 14th I am going to be insanely occupied with cramming the maximal capacity of orgo that my brain can handle. I’m freakishly excited about it. And that folks, sums up why I’m a neuro/pre-med major… excited for 32 weeks of organic being slammed into 12. Outside of my comfort and safety zone? Absolutely yes. I’m nervous. I know I can handle it, but I’m nervous in anticipation.


Questions for you readers:

1. Who has taken organic chemistry?

2. Favorite (or top) outdoor activities for the warmer seasons!?

“I don’t belong to anyone. No one belongs to me. I belong to high of the mountains and quietness of the sea. If you want to join me there and there, make yourself at home, as long it is your choice and only. I am free. You are free.” – Ricardo

3 thoughts on “Summer plans + a workout”

  1. I still cant believe you are gramming Orgo 1 + 2 into the summer. Takes someone crazy and full of desire to make that happen! I know you will do well – we will have to work harder at squeezing in coffees, or you can come sit in the sun on the deck and study xo

  2. You’re such a beast! In the gym, in school, and in life. I love how you just GO AFTER what you desire. It’s so inspiring to me!! Best of luck to you this summer with school! I know you’ll do amazing!

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