Back to school: where I’m at, where I’m going

Hi all! It’s Sunday night and I knew all day today that I really wanted to crank out a post after work and homework. All I have on my mind is things I need to get done, that never ending to-do list that we all seem to have in our back pocket. But I wanted to drop in and talk about what has been going on, more specifically what I’m doing with school this semester and just some fairly broad updates for the site.

So happy Fall 15’ semester for all of you fellow students out there. Cheers to another year of school!

This round threw a bit of a curve ball right at me. Not even a week prior to the semester starting up I read over the just published syllabus for my  physics course and noted a pre-requisite course listed that I didn’t have under my belt yet. Huh? How did that happen, must be wrong. That’s what I figured. So needless to say I checked out the course listing on the course catalog and the pre-req wasn’t listed, therefore that is how I was able to sign up because the schools web system didn’t flag me when I registered. SO I emailed the prof. and sure thing I could take the class without this other course BUT I would probably do fairly poorly unless I had a solid background in the subject (the class I needed was calculus, which I still need to take, and I am TERRRRRRRIBLE at math). I opted out of keeping going with knowing that I’d probably fail, or at least walk out with a C.

No sweat, I would just sign up for a different course. I am not kidding when I say that all the classes I still need either a) aren’t offered in the fall, b) were full and I did email some profs begging to let me in, c) were held at the same time as my other classes. Yeah. So I ended up putting in for a random nutrition course figuring ‘why not’.

After going through the first week of classes I came to the conclusion that the course I had signed up for out of the blue just wasn’t meant to be – not my interest in the field of nutrition or even relatable to my interests and wasn’t a course I needed for my degree. I was left with three courses equaling 14 credits. I’m not sure how other universities work tuition out by mine does 12-20 credits is the same cost, so if I am going to be a full-timer I damn am going to make sure I’m at 16+ not just 14.

Ultimately I decided to take the two courses (genetics and a university discovery) most needed for my degree and where I am at in the process of finishing my bachelors and then just a simple seminar type course. Long story short, I’m part-timing it.

Meiosis stagesIntro genetics.

To be completely honest, at first I was upset and irritated at all of this. I full on was even like ‘what’s the point of this semester?’. After meeting with my advisor, talking it all out, and going over what I still need we decided it was best to just opt as a part-time student, have a really strong semester, and get the rest of my life a little more organized (a near impossible task for me). Finally, an agreement and a plan. That’s all I need ever is just a plan and then I can get to it. Check. Good. Let’s go.

11202519_449593805215732_704467_n This mantra has also been in the back of my mind on a daily basis. Super helpful.

What else is going on in my life? (because it’s just oh so exciting, complete sarcasm there)… well, LOTS. I’m using bullet points because it’s just so much simpler and easier to get random tidbits and updates across without it being a bunch of mumbo-jumbo and run-on sentences…

  • I accepted an offer to instruct a group fitness HIIT class! My first class is September 22nd! I’m SO excited.
  • I will be coaching the competitive jump rope team I competed with previously. I haven’t been involved in the sport of USA jump rope since 2005, a decade ago exactly, so getting back into it is an amazing, scary, and humbling feeling all wrapped up together and coming across as pure excitement. More to come on this!
  • I started working with a personal trainer. As I like to say, doctors need doctors, hair stylists need hair stylists, trainers need trainers. While I am good at doing my own programming, life can get in the way, as can my ego, and sometimes it’s helpful to have another eye and another mastermind 😉 I’m working on increasing my strength and speed because there might be a part of this statement which ties into the above. Might. Maybe. We will see. I’m probably confusing the utter heck out of you readers.
  • The NEDA conference is in just over 2.5 weeks and I’m pumped. I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to attend and subsequently visit family who live right in San Diego!!!!!!

I’m feeling really good overall to keep this semester and year going with the same mindset I have right now which is to just accept, adapt, and keep striving. Things do happen when we want them enough AND really really work towards them. For example, I’ve been considering getting back into jump rope for a couple years but only in the past few months have taken the steps to place myself back into that scene. I also remember a year ago how I was ready to pursue my personal training certification and now I am a NASM-CPT and will start instructing a group class and even more opportunities to come. I think that when we are doing what we know in our heart to be right for us, everything starts to connect and become a path to travel because we have formed that path. Sure there will be road bumps, but that’s just life – accept, adapt, and keep striving.

“It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

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