Hi guys! It’s the weekend 🙂 which for me that means it’s time to finish up homework due Monday, listen to an online lecture, and work Sunday. I just finished up at the gym, today was a short and sweet (read: sweaty) workout in including copious kettlebell swings, double unders, and tire flips.

Today’s post is a different one so to speak – it’s a product review. I was mailed a selection of the Eat Nakd bars to try in trade for a review of them on the blog. These bars are made by Natural Balance Foods which is a British company. The bars are dairy, gluten, and wheat free not to mention made of all whole food goodness.

IMG_5252 (1)

Let’s get this started… I’m going to use a scale of A-F, A being the best ever and F being terrible.

Cashew Cookie: A

I liked this one. It’s really simple just dates + cashews. I’m definitely not the biggest fan of dates by themselves because to me they’re really sweet and I don’t have a huge sweet tooth but to put my opinion of sweetness aside, these were tasty. They remind me of the Cashew Cookie Larabar because they are pretty much the same thing. I love that there are only two ingredients and it’s REAL FOOD, nothing artificial, nothing fake.


Bakewell Tart: C

This one is definitely on the sweeter side but also somewhat bland. I didn’t mind it too much but definitely wouldn’t go out of my way for this flavor and I got one with a couple pit pieces in it so had to be careful chewing which isn’t really what I want to do.


Apple Crunch: B

This one I had a friend try because I don’t tolerate soy which is the primary protein source in the crunch variety of the Eat nakd bars. She said it definitely has a noticeable apple flavor, not too sweet but just right. The crunch isn’t overly powerful but enough to give you the feeling of sustenance.

Rhubarb and Custard: B

Essentially tasted the same as the Bakewell Tart (at least to my taste buds) but without the near tooth harming experience. I think the other one was just an unlucky find because the ingredients are pretty much the exact same on these two.

Pecan Pie: A

YUMMMMMMMMMY. Simple, good, yes.

Strawberry Crunch: B

Another soy protein crunchy bar, had my mom give this one a whirl. I gave it to her to bring to work and she texted me and was like I’ll tell you all about it later (how adorable is she?!). Anyways, back to the bar – she said not bad, but doesn’t taste the much like strawberry. She said she could definitely taste it but it was a subtle hint of flavor. Not the biggest fan of the crunch part though.


Cocoa Mint: D

I’m typically all about chocolate mint flavored things. This just struck me wrong and I literally ate a bite. Strange aftertaste (sweetish, sour, just off) and not something I would be game for again.

Ginger Bread: A

This is GOOD. I’m a huge fan of ginger so I’m biased towards all things tasting like ginger and this one definitely didn’t let me down.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to try out all of the flavors but the ones I did try overall I’m a fan with a few bad eggs scattered in there. I’ll probably post a little bit in the future on instagram as I try the remainder of my stock. I’m completely all about the company’s view and focus for creating a whole food healthy/easy on-the-go snack. Another thing I like is that on their website they have a bunch of resources chuck full of information on varying nutrition topics. They have one post up talking about Iron Rich Foods, a key nutrient and one that I never get enough of to be honest!


So that is that, my take on the Eat Nakd bars!

Have any of you readers ever tasted one of these? If so, what were your thoughts? If not, what flavor sounds most appealing to your taste buds?

2 thoughts on “Eat NAKD!”

  1. I’ve tried these! I was also sent this box to review, in fact. Cocoa crunch was my favorite because I like chocolate, the crunchiness, and the higher protein content.

  2. Loved reading this! I had Jimmy try a bite of the cocoa mint (which I loved) and he had the same reaction as you, haha. He was like “No, this is off. I hate it.” And I was like “I LOVE IT!” ha. My dad LOVED the pecan one, too!

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