Updates and new opportunities

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. First off, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


Christmas 2015 at my work. Yearly dress up extravaganza.

Spring classes: so far I know I’m taking Eukaryotic Cell and Developmental Biology (it’s called “cell hell” at my school and I’m fairly certain that’s the most pure and honest description), Neurobiology, and Eastern Philosophy which I’m really looking forward to – all about meditation, enlightenment, and the culture and religion around those and related things. Me and my stressed out but lover of meditation self should find the course pretty beneficial. There will be a fourth (and fifth, yes) class in the mix as well. At my school “senior” is defined by 90 credits, and I need that for next year as I will be doing my senior thesis that year versus my “super senior year”. With taking the past fall easy I’m at 63, will be taking 9 over the upcoming summer, which leaves me needing 18 this upcoming semester. I know I can do this with the right 4th and 5th courses/schedule and keeping my focus, it’s doable. It will be all mental. I’ve got it and I can’t tell myself anything but that. January 26th – May, send all positive and uplifting vibes (and coffee) my way. Please and thank you.

coffee owl

With the full course load (cell hell will be the only lab course) and being in a new lab starting in like a week(!!) I know I am going to really need being on campus. I have a friend whose current roommate needs a sublet for the semester and it’s going to be financially tight but it’s also a pretty good deal and will have me living about 5-10 minutes walking from every building I will need to be in on campus. Plus, I figure I’ve always just lived at home with school because it’s never not been an option and it saves a heck of a lot of cash – but it’s time. Time to explore new things, live at school, be a bigger part of that community and meet new people. I find that commuting, while there are some perks, keeps me fairly isolated as when I’m done classes I want to go home and relax before studying which is a pain. Also with my lovely GI issues and needing a bathroom for more time than I want to admit having a place of residence on campus will be a huge benefit. I’m excited for this new opportunity and I think it will be really good for me.

Major change possibility… OK so this is a bit complicated, well not really, but it sounds it. I’m currently Neuroscience and Behavior – and while I love the neuroSCIENCE side of the program I honestly dread the work around behavior. It’s not really my jam and I don’t want to be in classes for my major that don’t get my excited to be there. I think I need to sit in on one of the behavioral neuro classes before ultimately deciding but the swap wouldn’t be much of a hassle anyways. Most of my course work at this point is science (bio, chem, anatomy), general elective courses and some university elective courses – so nothing that wouldn’t be able to be used for another major. A couple major courses (psychobiology, neurobiology) are electives for the other science majors which works out. Still get the neuro stuff without having to take additional behavioral neuro classes. I know it ultimately doesn’t really matter which major I end up with as long as I do well and complete necessary pre-requisite courses for graduate programs.

Another update and I’m going to keep this one fairly brief right now – as any long-term reader of my blog knows, I have some legit gastrointestinal issues. I’ve been working with a new to me physician and after a couple different extensive tests he has found a plausible theory as to why I’m found in the bathroom 2-6+ times a day ranging 10-45 minutes a pop. Yep. Uh huh. I should really start studying in there with that time commitment. Oh wait, I’ve definitely done that. Zero shame. Nada. That’s about all I’m putting out for now.

I think that about covers my life for the past few months! Other than school it’s been full of lifting, working, some me time, and social life. Lifting is going really well. Work is work and I seriously can’t believe I’ve been there for over four years. Solid resume builder at 22 years young.

I hope you all are doing well, thriving, kicking ass, and living life. I’ll be back soon!

“You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.” – Isadora Duncan

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