OH HEY. Summer plans + where I’ve been

Hi kids! Holy crap I haven’t blogged since the beginning of the semester – nuts. Well, here goes nothing (lies, here goes a lot of updates… but that isn’t how the phrase goes Winking smile). What have I been up to? All the things. I can’t even say it’s been a “calm” or “simple” semester. I’m pretty sure the summer won’t fall close to that either.

This semester: it’s been a long haul. I took four classes and will be done May 13th for all of ten days (wahoooo)! I joined a genetics/genomics lab and am loving the work being done plus understand it which is super helpful. I received funding for a summer fellowship at my university for a research project in the lab. I quit my job of over 4.5 years because 1. it was a 25 minute drive each direction, 2. there wasn’t much room for advancement / leadership responsibilities, 3. I was a barista which isn’t very useful in comparison to other opportunities in terms of skill development for work/grad school, 4. a bunch of other stuff. I got a new job… more on that later. I wrote down a list of all things on my plate (finally) and prioritized the shit out of it. Literally did this on Friday so there’s that. Keep you posted on how this all goes. I also read my last post and told myself to listen to my own advice.


I had a few really rough weeks (like the entire month of April) but have thankfully re-attached my head to my shoulders and things seem to be looking in the right direction. My path is definitely not going according to plan or ideal  like I had hoped but let’s be honest most things rarely go as planned and taking the long, winding, sometimes painful road is usually more fun in the end and ultimately means more because it’s life. I’ve been hitting a ceiling more often than I’d like to admit with my anxiety and I think it has a lot to do with not knowing where my priorities really are (hence the list making mentioned above). Or knowing them but not giving them attention. I’m stubborn and want to give 100% to everything. A few years ago a friend gave me a wonderful tidbit of advice: you can give 100% to one thing, after that everything is subtracted from 100%. I made my list and I know what has 100% and what only has a fraction of that. Doesn’t mean I won’t still be stubborn though Winking smile


Looking at summer: I’ll be taking classes which aren’t entirely set in stone yet. I know I’m taking sports nutrition so I’m super beyond pumped for that. Hopefully the class will help me get more jacked. Kidding. Well not really to be honest. I’ll be in the lab a bunch working on my research project which is looking at the HPG (hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal) axis and it’s relation to parental behaviors with stress responses. It’s neat and super important stuff. I also get to geek out a bit. Other than class and lab I’ll be working some and living in the gym trying to get jacked. See I wasn’t kidding. No I’ll be in the gym trying like heck to get as strong as possible, work mobility and stability and lifting mechanics and develop a wider conditioning base.


That’s about all I’ve got for this little blog space today but I’ll be back next week. But first to leave you with a quote like always… cliché but true.

“It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.” – Henry James

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