Solo Mt. Jefferson – 7/24/19 & life chit chat

Hello friends!

Yesterday was another mountain adventure day, and a rather fitting one at that seeing it was Wednesday aka hump day πŸ˜‰ Mountains are quite the large hump.

I’ve been wanting to hike Jefferson again for a few weeks so I’m very glad yesterday was the day! The hike up Caps Ridge Trail is quick, full of scrambles, and above tree-line within in a mile – all big perks.

The beginning of a great adventure

The first time I did this hike was two summers ago with my friend Kate who was up in New Hampshire for the summer. That specific hike will remain one of my best memories as we hiked from Mt. Jefferson to Mt. Pierce, tagging those two peaks plus Washington, Monroe, Franklin, and Eisenhower – now THAT was a stellar adventure day. Having had wonderful experiences with a mountain before usually auto places it on my list of favorites. Yesterday’s hike was nothing less than a wonderful experience.

Where Caps Ridge first pops above tree-line, looking at the summit!

While only a 5 mile hike, 2.5 up and 2.5 down, it has a solid 2700′ elevation gain πŸ™‚ Quads on quads.

I honestly really find the Northern Presidential terrain lovely. It’s fun for me – rock hopping, bouncing around the mountains, getting to the higher summits and just taking it all in. I’m so incredibly grateful that my body can handle these mountains and each hike I complete makes me remember to give my body grace and compassion for allowing me to do what I have found to be my favorite hobby in life.

Caps Ridge Trail
Caps Ridge Trail

This is definitely becoming the summer that I get more into solo hiking, and I’m fully accepting this with open arms. There are many aspects to why I’m seeking more of this and why it’s currently the trending pattern. While I’ve been loving meeting new hiking pals and venturing off into the woods with half-strangers only to find a new friend, all of the current life changes have me needing even more alone time than usual.

I’m notoriously not the best with change (real talk: who is, and if you are puhlease comment down below or email me, k thanks). While I’m overall in a very stable place from a mental and emotional perspective, I know that my soul needs plenty of tlc right now. Between graduating college, stressing about school loans/finances, finding a place to live, saying goodbye to my childhood home (super blessed to even have this!), saying see ya later to my parents as they embark on their cross country adventure, navigating new health insurance and losing my therapist in this process, starting my own business (more on this VERY soon) – it’s just a LOT. But, I know I have the ability to work through all of it, and I’m so stoked to see what unfolds with moving and creating my dream.

Also, can somebody please explain to me why rent for a studio/1 bedroom is over $1000/month? Like, I’m not rich, or even relatively close to it.

During this time of finding a new living situation, getting the house ready to be placed on the market within the next week or so, and finalizing my other website for business I’ve been finding the extra hiking and solo trips very useful for my brain and body. It’s time where everything makes sense, I feel safe, I feel connected to myself on every level, and while nervous about the future I feel the most excitement about it, too. It’s clichΓ© but the mountains are totally my safe space/home space right now, because I know they are there and will be there.

Looking at Mt. Washington in the clouds from Caps Ridge Trail

Even writing about yesterday’s hike and looking at pictures gives me that feeling of nostalgia and an urge to pack up my Subaru and head North again tomorrow… or right now.

Putting into words the exact feelings I experience during hikes recently is like finding a needle in a haystack. There really aren’t words. The best I can come up with to explain would be an immense state of zen and flow, but it’s so so much more than that.

Cheesin’ πŸ™‚

Soul tlc is helping lessen the deep sting of many changes. It’s allowing thoughts to come and go, and only those which are supportive of my goals and future are the ones I’m holding on to. I’m finding I don’t have the capacity or space within myself to manage anything which doesn’t feel right for me. There is no forcing, not anymore.

I feel so innately compelled to pursue what I’m currently pursing in life, and while scary as all hell, I’m doing it, because there is no other option.

β€œI began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. He taught me that if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.” ― Roald Dahl



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