South & Middle Moat Mountains – 7/28/19

Hey all 🙂

Happy Tuesday !

I hope you all enjoyed a stellar weekend and are off to a good start this week! The weather here in New Hampshire was glorious, and I’m so totally digging all the sunshine as of late… mainly because I can live in shorts which is way more exciting that it may sound because I legit despise wearing pants.

Sunday was another mountain frolic with another new hiking friend, Kim, and her sidekick Scuttle who is a toy aussie (and mega adorable).

Kim and I had followed each other on instagram for a while. For those of you who aren’t on instagram/a NH hiker – there’s a pretty big NH hiking community on the gram which is awesome. We actually connected over a Spongebob reference of all things a few months ago, ha! Of all things, I know. But we also chatted about potentially hiking at some point, and Sunday was the day!

Literally deciding to hike Sunday on Saturday afternoon, knowing there was a solid T-storm potential on the higher summits, we fully cherry picked the hike and if I do say so myself we picked a great mountain duo for the day – South and Middle Moat!

View from South Moat Mountain

After finishing the 48 4000 footers last year, I’ve found myself kind of just open to hiking whatever my little heart desires in the moment. I’m super causally working on a few other lists and hiking goals, but not attacking any goals very seriously. It feels really good inside to just hike what I want, meet new hiking friends, hike mountains with friends working on the 48, solo hike some of my favorite peaks, and explore new mountains and trails.

Having not hiked the Moats and never hearing anything except wonderful feedback about them, I’ll say this was an absolutely lovely decision of what to hike! They most certainly make the cut for the 52 with a view list 😉 And, I now will be planning a hike of North Moat Mountain very soon! While I have no intention of finishing the 52 with a view list anytime in the near future (mainly because hello Magalloway Mountain is a 4.5 hour drive ONE WAY from me), I will be researching the peaks on this list a bit more because I’m sure there are some other wonderful hikes on it!

The section between South and Middle Moat was super quick and entirely worth it so I’m very happy we added on the second peak! This is becoming something I’ve noticed myself being more flexible and adaptable with – deciding more in the moment versus planning which peaks to hike. Sometimes this can be in choosing the hike the day before, or choosing which hike I’m going to do on my drive North (when solo hiking), to adding a second (or 3rd, 4th) summit whilst on the actual hike if there is time/good weather/I have ample water and food.

The adaptability component is so essential and I’ve been enjoying strengthening my not always so adaptable nature to being a more flexible and winging it human being.

For a large chunk of my existence I was very need to know ALL the details, scheduled things days/weeks/months in advance, stressed out if something had to be changed for whatever the reason, and was just way more high-strung, concrete, and in-flexible in my thinking and decision making process than I am now. It feels deeply fulfilling to be shifting towards more openness in my life.

Happy hikers!

Outside of the weather, new mountains and friends, and stellar views, one of my favorite parts of this hike was blueberries! Real talk, the amount of wild blubs on the Moats is unreal. I’ve never seen so many on a hike in my life. So, if you’re a big fan of wild blubs go hike the Moats right.this.second. Ok, tomorrow will probably be ok too 😉

I’m very much digging writing all these hike recaps and sharing my thoughts lately on the blog! I have a page dedicated to my hike recaps if you’re interested in reading about previous adventures beyond this one!

Writing about my hikes allows me to combine my love of writing, process the day through a different lens, share my experience, and gives me something to look back on to remember all of my adventures beyond the pictures and memories 🙂

“‎You have to be the kind of person who can make the best out of a Tuesday. You know those people who live for the weekends? They’re wishing their life away. You have to find something worth living for or else you’ll look back and realize you’ve wasted your life away.” – Drew Marvin

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