Hey blog fam!

As I progress further into book writing land (real talk – anyone reading this who has published a book please contact me), I will be sharing some of the work going into it – whether it ends up in the book officially or not.

Cheers to the first snippet being shared 🙂

I am a collection of paradoxes:

Reserved but edgy.
I have a calm and mellow side
and a stoked on all the things/chase all the squirrels side.

Kitchen dance parties start my day
meditation ends it.
Scattered yet freakishly precise.
A hummingbird and a hawk.

I enjoy indie and rap music equally
—> for different but the same reasons
—> Indie for yoga, rap for lifting
—> both to connect with my soul

Magic and muscles.
Solid home yoga practice but will go all in any day on a heavy lifting sesh.

Sarcastic and sassy as hell but an empath.
I yell a lot but love love and real hugs.

Zodiac and woo-woo but wrote a paper on the Psychoneuroendocrine factors in menstrual dysfunction.
Universal synchronicities and science.
Spiritual and nerdy.

I feel broken but whole – simultaneously.

In a world that boxes people,
I’m in too many boxes.

Everything feels too much.
I feel too much.
Nothing is enough.
I am not enough.

But it’s the only way.
There is no other way.

This is my way.

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