Sarah thoughts #2

Hey lovebugs!

This post round dos of Sarah thoughts, aka where I share some of my writings with you humans who read my blog ♥. I hope you enjoy and that it’s able to be resonated with in whatever capacity is helpful for you!

The chaos:
It feels as if my brain and body could explode.
As if everything could and will combust.

The chaos is an internal cue that there is something out of alignment.
Either I’m living out of alignment,
I’m acting out of alignment,
or I’m engaging in things that are out of alignment.
Regardless, it is an internal cue that something is off.

Sometimes the chaos is nonexistent and sometimes it is felt within every nook and cranny of my being.

While in reality,
I recognize it is here to teach me something or to help guide me.
In the moment,
it feels as if my worlds are colliding and that I am drowning.

The truth is, I will drown if I give it power beyond what it is there to teach.

The chaos is a double edged sword.
It’s main purpose is to teach,
but if that isn’t accepted and taken inward
then it will slowly pick and pick away.

The chaos has become one of my biggest assets,
I know that it means something significant.
A safety net if you will.
When I feel chaos I now know that something needs to change,
it will not otherwise dissipate or disappear.

If chaos is a reg flag,
prolonged chaos is nearing one too many red flags.
That moment before the devastation occurs.
Before the bomb goes off.

Devastation, while not permanent isn’t something I welcome with open arms.
It tends to be synonymous with darkness.
Uncomfortable darkness.
Rather than watching too many red flags present themselves,
I am continuously trying to find ways to navigate the chaos as it presents. To better understand it.
To not fear it.

Chaos = learning = potential = growth.
That’s the mindset.
Keep the arrow pointing forward.

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