Week recap 2/22/20

Hi all!

Back to the game of the “2’s” today with it being 2/22/2020… How is it almost March? Can somebody please explain this? While winter hiking has been a lovely time adventuring into Narnia-land, I’m becoming more and more giddy for summer. Perhaps it’s because I’m a June baby, or perhaps it’s that I have a high preference for shorts>pants… but May-October are my happy months 🙂

I miss blogging for blogging.

For the few of you (you know who you are) that have followed my tangents over the years, you know this, and for new readers (hi!) a little backstory: I’ve been blogging since early high school. The OG blog was Peanut Butter and Deadlifts. YES. It no longer exists on the interwebs so don’t bother with the classic Google search, it will result in many things I’m sure, none of which will be my first child (first blog).

I digress.

I started blogging as a way to express my creative side and also in hopes of engaging with the larger blogging community. Honestly ‘blogging’ has changed a lot over the years. I think mainly because there are now podcasts and audiobooks… you can’t read a blog post driving/ running/ cooking/ cleaning etc., but you can listen during those activities. It’s all about accessibility. While podcasts are great and all, there is something about having a blog that I very much enjoy. There’s also something about reading others blogs that just makes me feel a sense of connection.

After stepping away from maintaining a blog in the traditional sense, I’m placing intention towards moving into this space again. Because it feels good.

While I can’t say if weekly recaps will become a weekly thing, I am drawn to the idea of sharing a weekly overview. A lot can happen in a week, and a lot of good has happened over the past week.

I joined a gym: After taking the time from when I moved in October-now off from lifting in a gym setting, it feels deeply fulfilling to be back in that space (and having more of an equipment selection is also welcomed… it’s like a playground). I’m a big proponent of outdoor movement and home workouts, but I have a side that still loves barbells and all of that. Having started lifting at 14 years old, it feels pretty innate.

Was asked to be involved in a women’s health workshop: I was technically asked last week but just determined what I’ll be contributing! A local wellness studio is hosting a workshop in April and I’ll be speaking about the menstrual cycle phases and how they relate to physical activity, performance, and recovery from activity. I’m literally SO beyond excited for this and the topic. About a year ago an article I wrote on the Role of Psychoneuroendocrine Factors in Menstrual Dysfunction Among Athletes was published in the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition publication from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and I have missed wearing my nerd hat to the nth degree. If anyone reading is local to the Conway NH area and would like to come or wants to read that article, send me an email at snlacourse (at) gmail (dot) com

Took a week off from hiking: Between it being ridiculously cold a few of the days, just not feeling like hiking, and enjoying lifting this week, I took the week off. I love that I’m in a place where I can be very intuitive around movement and what feels good and right at a given time. This skill has taken YEARS to cultivate. It’s surely a skill. It’s easy to just go through the motions, being out of connection from a mind/body perspective, and just exist on auto-pilot. This is one of the main topics that continuously comes up with clients.

Made progress on an e-book: I’m working on a few projects, one of which is an e-book which will/should be available on my website early April. As someone who works well in bursts, sometimes progress feels like a cha-cha.

Friday Seacoast trip: Yesterday I took a trip to Portsmouth NH, the area I’m originally from. After moving North in October, my social life has taken a hit. Being an independent introvert I don’t mind this much, but the past few weeks I’ve been feeling like I needed some tlc from my seacoast fam. Boy was this so needed. I met two lovey humans for coffee dates and then went out to dinner with co-workers from the job I had from 18-25, who are pretty much my moms. My heart feels full and I’m going to be adding more trips south to my calendar.

It was a good week ♥

“When will you stop being afraid of everything you can be. When will you let flowers grow in the cracks of your soul. When will you understand that those broken parts of you have learned how to sing more beautiful songs than the loveliest of songbirds.” – Nikita Gill

Photo at top of post is from Summer 2019, Airline Trail on Mt. Adams

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