Quick facts

If you’re looking for a more in-depth about me, click here! If you’re seeking some quick facts, hot topics I discuss, and random things about me in bullet format – you’ve come to the right place!

  • UNH graduate & psychology/neuroscience nerd
  • I was born with/have hip dysplasia (nope, it’s not just dogs that have this!)
  • I competed nationally in jump rope
  • My favorite number is 4
  • Previously I was involved in powerlifting but now I just frolic in the mountains, ride bikes, climb up walls, and snowboard
  • My bod metabolizes caffeine uber quick & I can take a nap directly after having coffee
  • My personality type is INFP-T (introverted, intuitive, feeling, prospective, turbulent)
  • I’m in remission from anorexia nervosa
  • Before Pursuit of an Outlier, I wrote the Peanut Butter & Deadlifts blog (no longer in existence, don’t go google searching)
  • I’ve hiked all the New Hampshire 4000 footers
  • I have 1 tattoo
  • All of my notes and thoughts about future endeavors are written in a unicorn notebook
  • Unicorns (specifically, mountain unicorns) are my spirit animal and were before unicorns were cool
  • I also dig seahorses
  • I have misophonia
  • My sun sign is Gemini, moon is Aries, and ascendant is Virgo
  • I started turning orange a few years ago because of too many sweet potatoes. Yep, it’s not only carrots that can do this
  • I’m a huge women’s health advocate and published a paper on the psychoneuroendocrine factors of menstrual dysfunction
  • On that, period talk is a favorite of mine
  • I’m a super outgoing introvert
  • I talk with my hands on the reg.

For the record, I 10/10 recommend checking out my about me though, so, ya know… you know what my whole deal is and such 😉

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