Life lately + a workout + molasses smoothies?!

Hi friends! It’s been a bit… Let’s chat.

I’ve been on the injured bandwagon since the beginning of April… the 5th to be specific. In my last post I told you guys it’s a sprain of my left ankle – ATFL and peroneal tendon inflammation . Shortly after this post I went back to the doctors again as things weren’t necessarily getting worse but there was also zero improvement… insert x-ray number 2 which came back normal, and an MRI which showed a stress fracture in the distal fibula (lateral malleolus). When the injury initially happened I kept saying it wasn’t a stress fracture, it didn’t feel right, it hurt “too much”, it felt like the peroneal tendon was ON TOP OF the distal fibula and I blamed the tendons/ligaments (so soft tissue) rather than bone. I mean after all I’ve had stress fractures before and I know what they feel like/how they present themselves. I also am MUCH healthier now and my body shouldn’t be in a position to develop one. However when it swelled a week after the initial injury and the bone hurt to palpitate I knew something was amiss.


I know my hips are off kilter as I have hip dysplasia in my left hip. Yep it happens in humans and not just dogs. I swear 96.4% of the time people find out I have this they say “doesn’t that happen a lot to dogs?”… My biomechanics are off because of this, asymmetrical hamstring and hip flexor strength/movement patterns, compensations, ect. I have found a way to work with this in terms of lifting and hiking but running is an entirely different ballgame. Every single stress fracture I’ve dealt with is from running (e.g mechanical/use due to lack of shock absorption), or a combination of running and other activities (e.g volume/overuse).

My PT (whom I have seen for every single injury mind you) essentially told me that my foot/ankle mechanics are not designed for running. Especially road running, which I hate but the trails have been very snowy until now. My dorsiflexion is crap, things are tight, I have a bunch of scar tissue, my natural gait pattern is supination (aka I try to walk on the outside of my foot…placing stress on the lateral ankle), ect.

I’m accepting that this is going to be a work in progress. While I ultimately want to get back into distance racing, my current goal is to finish the NH 4000 footers in a year, so by July 20th. I’ve thought long and hard multiple times about this goal since this injury and if I have to push the date back it will NOT be the end of the world. To be honest, if I hadn’t already healed five stress fractures, have a good overall awareness of my body, and built a solid mental health base I’m not sure how I would be handling this. I’m still irritated, anxious, and annoyed, but I’m accepting the process better than I ever have with an injury before. It’s been a lot of letting go of my natural need for control, allowing myself the space to think things through, and not blaming myself too harshly.


“Count your rainbows not your thunderstorms.” – Alyssa Knight

So… the workouts. How does one train with a lower extremity stress fracture that can’t take extra weight? Well, I went from 6 days a week 1-2 workouts a day to 4-5 days and one workout. I’m being smarter, taking more rest (something that will inevitably stay even upon fully healing this injury), and working with what I CAN do versus overthinking what I can’t do. It has been a mix of upper body, core strength and stabilization, mobility, lower body which is safe (e.g lateral band work, monster walks, hamstring curls, gentle biking/spin bike, GHD back extensions). I’m making it work. I’m sharing yesterday’s workout with you guys, and note this bench rep scheme is not my normal style of high weight/low rep. I’ve been enjoying changing things up here and there to create a different stimulus, have some fun, and see what my body can do. It’s kind of HE** at 110 total reps and something I may do once every other month… if you give it a whirl please let me know what you think!

1. Bench press: reps. Start at a weight and increase by 5 lbs. each set. Plan it so that the 2 rep is a weight you could usually 4-5 rep because after 108 reps things feel a tad different…

2. Weighted dips 3×6

3a. Dips 3×12

     3b. Hanging leg raise 3×20

4a. Pull ups 4 sets max effort

     4b. L-sit on rings 4×15 seconds

5a. Push ups 4×15

     5b. V ups 4×15

6. Cable press 3×10

7. Tricep push-down 3×10


In other news I created a new favorite post workout smoothie concoction! It’s like peanut butter banana meets a cookie full of cinnamon and molasses goodness. The flavor profile is broad and it’s classified (to me) as a strange but good combination for sure.

What you need:

  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla cashew milk (or almond/dairy, whatever you prefer)
  • 1 cup water (you could do less, I just like the volume!)
  • 1 scoop protein powder (I used Pescience peanut butter cookie flavor)
  • 1/3 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/4 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. blackstrap molasses (can do more/less, depends how much you like molasses!)
  • 1 tsp. chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp. powdered peanut butter
  • Hemp hearts
  • Ice



  1. Add everything except molasses, ice, and toppings to blender and blend until smooth
  2. Add molasses and QUICKLY blend as it will try to stick like cement all over the blender
  3. Add as much ice as desired for goal thickness
  4. Top it if you feel like it (I used hemp hearts!)
  5. Drink up, buttercup

Well, if this wasn’t the most all over the map post that I’ve ever put up on the blog than I’m not sure what is.

“Time will pass anyway, you can either spend it creating the life you want or spend it living the life you don’t want. The choice is yours.”


FIVE: survey time

Hi guys! Happy 4th of July to everyone Smile I hope you all get to sit back, relax, remember what the holiday is about, and have some fun.

I’m back with a little survey action because why not?! I’m such a sucker for surveys (maybe it’s the science part of me – ok well that makes like no sense but whatever). I find it super interesting to find out random tidbits about other people that you wouldn’t have guessed otherwise. Like, Allie really wants to Horseback ride more often, that’s super cool. I also jacked the idea of taking this survey from her. Without further ado…


  1. Colorado
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Germany
  4. Ireland
  5. Mayan, Inca, Aztec ruins – I think they are just super cool and I love seeing and experiencing history because it gives me a better perspective of this world


  1. Eggs
  2. Sweet potatoes – at one point I was eating WAY too many and my skin began to turn orange. No joke. It’s now like a half to one a day.
  3. Mustard – with horseradish and apple cider vinegar in it please… my breath smells great after I eat this stuff. So great that you should probably avoid hanging out with me until I’ve brushed my teeth or covered it up with gum
  4. Ice cream – So Delicious Cashew Milk (I mentioned this stuff in my favorites post). Seriously like all flavors are the amazing and I know this because I’ve clearly had almost all of them. Chocolate truffle, Snickerdoodle, Cappuccino, Salted caramel… all the bomb.
  5. Nut butter

FIVE THINGS I WEAR EVERYDAY (I swear I do wear “real person” clothing too!)

  1. Gym shorts
  2. Birkenstocks (kids Birkenstocks, mind you, I’m a womens 5 haha! #savingallthemoney)
  3. Sweatshirt
  4. Sport bra (#ittybittytittycommittee)
  5. My hair in a ridiculous bun


Point proven.


  1. The Sun Also Rises – Earnest Hemingway
  2. Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
  3. Being Peace – Thich Nhat Hanh
  4. The Champion’s Mind – Jim Afremow
  5. When Things Falls Apart – Pema Chödrön



  1. Jump ropes – literally there are three Smile
  2. Wrist wraps – I talked about these here as well
  3. Nutriforce Sports balanced hydration in citrus flavor
  4. Extra sneaks
  5. Gum – Orbit sweet mint is my go to and I usually chew it during the beginning of my lifting sessions and get bored with it about half way through!


  1. Too Faced Better than Sex mascara
  2. Victoria’s Secret PINK body spray
  3. Dr. Bronner’s soap
  4. Stila eyeliner
  5. Essie nail polish – it’s always painted on my toes so technically I use it daily Winking smile


  1. Color and/or doodle
  2. Stretch/foam roll
  3. Sing in the car and (if I’m home alone) shower
  4. Drink too much coffee
  5. Pee too much – probably a result of #4… fellow lab and gym friends are concerned



  1. Yoga
  2. Walk outside
  3. Swim
  4. Spontaneous adventures
  5. Hiking


I do enjoy my walks to get coffee and then back to the lab however. A nice change of pace and a healthy dose of fresh air + sunshine (aka a break from chemicals and some vitamin D…)

That’s all for now kids. Have a wonderful day and I’ll look forward to any of these surveys you guys repost (seriously, do it for my pure entertainment). Buuuuuut if you don’t feel like doing it at least tell me: what is something you wish you did more often? And, where do you want to visit/travel to?!

“Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted.” – Sylvia Plath

Summer plans + what I’m doing + some entertainment

Hi there! It’s the weekend, yahoo. To be honest, this entire week has been like a weekend day. Not too much to accomplish, and pretty easy going. The spring semester ended up early last week and I just started my summer sports nutrition class on the 23rd!

Other than school ending and then starting again not much is new. I start summer research full-on this coming week, so I’ll be found in the lab Monday – Friday until end of August. I’m so incredibly pumped to have weekends off. I’ve worked weekends every summer since around 16, so over six years! Ready to have that time off, mainly to start balancing out work, working out, and my social life a bit better. The social life needs some tlc.

For summer classes, I’m taking sports nutrition (month of June) and life-cycle nutrition (month of July). I’ll have August off and will hopefully be headed out to San Diego for a mental health vacation. The first week of sports nutrition so far is pretty lax, a decent amount of work but not uber challenging. The class is right up my alley, and I’m so excited for what’s ahead in terms of materials to learn! Perhaps I’ll get all jacked up Winking smile or get some “useless muscles” (joke between people at my gym)… apparently a member told a trainer they didn’t want to get useless muscles… like shit really…. muscles are useless? Why didn’t someone tell me sooner. Oh wait, I’m being 110% completely sarcastic. I enjoy biceps. I also enjoy being strong, thriving, and being able to support my body… but that’s just me. I’ll keep my useless muscles.

The gym has been going great. Like great great. Lifting feels solid. I’m not the fastest when it comes to strength gains, but maintaining isn’t a concern so I’m happy with that. I’ve been really dialing in on training, and all things recovery (sleep, sauna, stretching, nutrition), and it’s paying off. My endurance is increasing, recovery from workouts is a bit faster, and I’m able to handle a slightly increased volume, and I rarely have any nagging pains or random injuries. It’s been a long time coming to be able to actually say all of this. A LOT of work has been put into the process of getting my body physically where it’s at. There is still a long ways to go to get to where I hope to be, but that is part of the journey. Progress is a process.


Just focus. (or look like you’re going to sneeze before a lift… either seems to work Winking smile)

Those are essentially my updates for y’all. SO now just for a few random tidbits of information for your reading pleasure.


THESE.ARE.THE.BOMB. You need them… Now. It’s like the cookie dough (wouldn’t have guessed that from the name would you? Winking smile) out of cookie dough ice cream. To a key. I’m amazed. As a kid I always ate just the cookie dough chunks out and left all the ice cream…haha typical Sarah. So yes, I approve.


My brain daily. But serious question: do penguins have knees?!! I’m really curious and don’t feel like looking it up on Wikipedia, or rather…the source of all knowledge.


It’s a damn good thing pineapple is my favorite.


More e-cards because they’re also my favorite. Apparently a lot of things are my favorite today. But this is SO TRUE. I swear I’ll run 3 miles outside and it’s 25-35 minutes depending on how much lifting I did the day before (to be honest) and how many bugs fly into my face, but then I’ll run three on the dreadmill (yep, I mean to spell it like that) and it’s seriously an hour… well not really… but it damn feels like it.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this post. I miss blogging more and connecting with all of you wonderful blog people that know who you are! I’m happy that it’s the summer and I have much more time on my hands to get some posts out and stalk all the rest of you on the blogosphere.

“We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” – E.E Cummings

Currently 1.25.16

Hi guys! Thank you all SO much for the relentless support on my last post. Between texts, a few emails, and a couple of you who know me in “real life” – thanks!

I wanted to break up the seriousness and do a currently post to spice things up. Also, back to school tomorrow and I need to get myself in an easy-going mindset. I keep seeing these and between Allie and Emily I decided to join the bandwagon and create my own version! Without further ado…

Current music: Begin Again by Purity Ring. Click play and continue reading for max enjoyment.

Current want: new jeans! I always buy them on consignment to keep it cheap because let’s be honest designer jeans fit substantially better. Also, being 5’0” and having decent muscle makes for a rather difficult jean buying experience. Consignment pants also fit like they will fit because they’ve been worn and washed. No tricks. My favorites are AG, citizens, and Rag&Bone. But I’m eyeing these new AG jeans on Nordstroms site and they go for something nuts like $160. To bad I’m starting to work less, not more. While that’s good for school and sanity, it’s bad for the wallet.

Current go-to item: definitely my Bose SoundTrue over the ear headphones. These will be a complete savior in school this semester! So comfortable and great sound blocking capability. Thumbs up.


Current workout: I keep finding myself doing this little number at the end of my lifting workouts…

Five rounds for time of: 15 KB swings, 25 DU, 10 squat thrusts, 10 parallel bar dips.

Current news: I moved closer to school! Squee! This is a long time coming and a HUGE change but a great one nonetheless for me.

Current drink: americano. Double shot. Taken black. And then I take a nap. No but seriously I’m THAT person. I don’t mind it. I’m also that person who takes an insta picture of her coffee. #sorrynotsorry


Current funny: 100% of the time yes.


Current food: 1/2 avocado with salsa and a couple plantain chips. Num num.

Current mood: excited and nervous for school. Excited about moving. Pumped with recent gym happenings. Oh, and sleepy. Right to bed after I hit publish on this post.

Current beauty product: lotion? does this count haha I’m going with yes absolutely. I’ve been all about the Avalon Organics Aloe hand lotion (which the lemon is also great and smells amazing!)

I’ll be posting again soon as a follow up to my last post and to update on school! In other news I created a tumblr just for fun – Barbells & Caffeine! And of course to leave you all with some good vibes because I can’t end a post sans quote…

“Don’t sit and wait. Get out there, feel life. Touch the sun, and immerse in the sea.” – Rumi

Life ramblings // fitness + nutrition talk

Hi all! Last week I left you off with how I was going to be testing out one rep max lifts – those went well. I ended up doing more of a three rep max and then calculating from there. With so many resources for online calculation of a one rep max from a lower percentage it’s so simple and much less taxing on the body. I’m not a big fan of 1RM’s just because of how much stress they put on your central nervous system. I think in a competition setting that is another story, but for me I’m just using that number to base my lifts at 80-90% off of so it’s not as big of a concern.

I’m doing a new lifting program which has me lifting heavier first and then moving to a lighter but still moderately heavy weight for the latter sets. I’ve always done more of a loading style in the other direction but have been finding myself warn out by the time I reach my heavy sets that either I struggle to get through them, my recovery blows, and/or my form goes out the window which makes me crazy. I’m really excited to see how this new set up goes and I’ll keep talking about this on the blog as well as it’s entirely new to me.


Insert random bicep picture because my face is absolutely priceless.

Another change I’ve been working on is figuring out what is going on with my digestive system. Yep, we are going to have that talk. Right here, right now. I’ve had GI issues pretty much since I can remember (circa age 5ish). My development and struggle with an eating disorder definitely exacerbated those problems and they have been worse ever since I started recovery and even with being in remission. It’s definitely frustrating because all my doctors kept saying that I would feel so much better as time grew between where I am now and my ED, so as to say the longer I stayed in a good, solid, healthy place. Also that things would improve once I got my period back, which happened two years ago this month (yahoooooo) and is a topic for another day because who doesn’t want an entire post on how to get your period back?! Exciting stuff I tell you. That hasn’t been the case so far though. I’ve talked briefly about this on the blog but I want to get a little more into it.

Recently with an increase in my time in the gym both lifting and doing other things such as running, kickboxing, jump rope, and of course… yoga for balance – I’ve been eating more which is fine and totally good and healthy BUT my gut symptoms have also increased. I’m finding that I do better with more dense food (read: higher calorie) vs less dense because I’m able to get in the nutrients without the bulk. I also have been following a “paleo-ish” approach for about two years now which for a while I did feel better, and I do still feel better than I did when I was a vegetarian and eating things like beans and more fiber-rich foods (don’t get me wrong I still love my veggies), but I’m wanting to experiment a little more in depth.11379149_462226437273669_947037059_n

Case in point on the vegetable lovin’:

Chicken + spring mix + onion + zucchini + sweet potato + tessamae’s (so good).

I think experimenting with our bodies on basic levels such as fitness and nutrition are really important for optimal living because it allows us to question things/habits that we partake in on a regular basis and see what is actually working and what can go out the window. Of course I believe in the motto if it’s not broken don’t fix it, but to be honest my gut has been broken for a while now and it’s time to actually get my act together and fix it. One really big motivator for me here is that my father has Crohn’s disease and seeing him struggle makes me that much more determined to figure out what is not sitting well with my body because I have that ability and am otherwise fairly healthy.

With that being said though I’m not a huge fan of promoting elimination style protocols unless completely necessary and ESPECAILLY hesitant in individuals who have a history of eating concerns because it can be highly triggering. I personally even don’t want to have to focus this much attention onto food but I want to feel good so I’m working with it. On the other hand though I’m in a really good place in terms of my recovery so I’m not concerned about going to a place that would be dangerous if I weren’t as solid. That is definitely an individual thing and something that I felt I really wanted to touch on quickly because it’s important.

I have the unique opportunity to work with an RD through school and because I’m a student it’s covered (by way of mandatory fees of course) which is amazing and I’m super thankful for that. I know a lot about testing my body for what works but clearly not enough because I haven’t figured it out yet! It’s nice to have another brain to pick for information and ask endless questions.

For now I’m actually just changing around things more based off of what I think could be causing problems versus a more “strict” elimination style protocol because I have some inklings of what could be causing problems. One thing I’ve noticed is that my energy is a lot lower lately and my recovery from workouts is also sub-par so I’m initially starting by thinking about what specifically could be causing that because obviously my digestion would be all over the place with those issues alone. I hope that makes sense? I’m starting my adding in more carbohydrate sources and reducing my selection of healthy fats because I’m pretty sure avocados and me don’t agree. I also think that nut butter is a bit of an issue and I’ve noticed I feel sick after eating it straight, so like a spoonful of almond butter ect.


More carbohydrates =

Oatmeal + banana slices + raw honey + sprinkle of chia + spices!

I’ll keep some updates on what I’m finding to work and not work coming but I want to remind you guys who might be reading this with GI issues that every body is different and is unique in it’s requirements and what foods are digested the best to have an optimally functioning digestive system. Don’t copy what I’m eating unless it’s out of ‘oh hey that looks good (which I totally hope it does haha) I want to try that’. Don’t do it expecting to make yourself feel better, perhaps it might, but perhaps it won’t because what works for me might not work for you. Embrace your uniqueness. That is definitely what I keep having to tell myself because this is a really long process. Do what you can with what you have.


“Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be.” – Eric Thomas

Current favorites // 10.6.15

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a good start to their week. It’s feeling a lot like fall (as it should be) here in NH and I’m all about it. Summer and fall are my favorite seasons by far and to be honest I’m not sure I could go without them. Things to consider when thinking about where I want to end up after my undergrad. I also need mountains and water (preferably a lake and rivers). Suggestions for future living options welcome.

Anyways, lets stop discussing my future location goals and get onto talking about things that I’m just digging in general lately. I almost named this post “fall favorites” but I thought that was a little over the top considering some of these things have absolutely nothing to do with the time of year.

Tiny apples + apple picking // Literally one of my favorite activities. It’s such a good reason to get outside and makes things start to feel slightly festive, which I dig. Every time I go though I have this fear of being stung by a bee, which I thank the following story for: when I was four I had gone over to a friend’s house for her birthday and to go apple picking in her back yard (side note: how sick is that?) and while in the process of retrieving all the apples on the planet I managed to get some yellow jackets into my pants because they were probably like colorful checkered corduroy (read: they were colorful checkered corduroy, say that ten times fast) and therefore attractive to little critters. Anywayssssss, I managed to end up with like 4-5 of my first bee stings. Uh hello traumatic. I’m terrified of them to this day.


Thankfully I still dig the apples.

Badger Balm Poetic Pomegranate lip balm // First off, how adorable is that name, “poetic pomegranate”? Second, it works like a charm. Third, it’s made in good ol’ New Hampshire.

Scarves // I might potentially have a bit of an obsession with scarves? I think it’s ok. It could be a lot worse. Who else has a thing for scarves? I’m all able the circle/infinity ones as of late, they are just super simple.


Zum Mist // Zum what? Also known as Frankincense + Myrrh. Also known as heaven. This stuff is strong so a little goes a long way. I’m talking one spray will take you through the entire day no problem.


If you want to smell like an incense, buy this.

Oatmeal + raspberries + cinnamon // hello uhm my new favorite combination. I added some vanilla protein and a little nutmeg to this also and it’s the bomb if I do say so myself. It’s warm and yummy and did I mention warm?


Epic Bar’s Chicken Sriracha flavor // We all know I’m a lover of quick, easy, and tasty snack options. Usually perfect bars are my go to here but I’m recently hooked on the Epic Bar’s and love that they are made with such a simple ingredient list. I especially enjoy the looks I get at school when I start eating a bar of chicken in class. It’s better than a can of tuna, which yes that has happened. #sorrynotsorry

Coloring // So I’m not sure how I missed that fact that adult coloring books are a thing these days but apparently they are popular. At least Barnes & Noble thinks so because I went in there to check out a book and they had tables (yes, plural) of them. I obviously wanted in. Most definitely my number one buy in forever. I’m already in love because it is such a stress reducing strategy because I think of nothing else. Working wonders on that whole anxiety thing of mine. I posted this on instagram and one of my friends even went out and bought her own after seeing it!!


Do yourself a favor: get a coloring book and go to town.

That about sums up the little things making me smile lately. Simple but simplicity is key. I’m having a slow morning and my aunt is in town, then school stuff and teaching my group class later. Tomorrow I’m going to test out my one-rep max’s, so we will see how that goes. One thing is for sure, I’ll be getting enough sleep tonight and consuming all the coffee and breakfast tomorrow morning. Whether or not that will help me I’m not sure, sometimes it seems to and other times I just want to sleep on the bench instead of actually benching… if only this worked. I’ll keep you guys posted on how that goes!



1. Do you have a coloring book? You knew this question was coming for ya…

2. Worst bee sting experience?


“Go and do the things you can’t. That is how you get to do them.” – Pablo Picasso

Thinking out loud // 10.1.15

Hi guys! I’m back with a Thinking out loud post linkup hosted by Amanda over at Running with Spoons. If y’all haven’t checked out her page yet I highly suggest. She’s a gem. So let’s get this party started…

1. Blissful mornings complete with… butter coffee. I’m back on this bandwagon kids. It’s so good. I immensely enjoy my mornings sitting back sippin’ on Peet’s dark roast blended up with some Kerrygold butta. I use a cheap milk frother I bought off of Amazon, it’s magic.


2. You know you’re a meat-head / gym lover / fitness fanatic when… you wear gym clothing 90% of the time, and college is definitely a part of that 90. Actually, truth be told, college probably is that 90% with the exception of a few days when I decide it’s a good idea to get ‘dressed up’ and I wear jeans + a sweater 😉 Zero shame. Need my comfy pants, because, well, they help me study better and learn more. Makes sense to me.

3. When you have an awkward degree of social anxiety. I’ve always been an anxious kid, since early childhood. It’s part of my nature. It wasn’t one of those things that I lost as I further developed. Now it’s just random situations that will provoke a bigger response. Such as seeing too many people in a day, or being in a busy place. I think those are also attributed to #onlychildproblems. I’m an outgoing introvert which can get me into some of what I call “challenging situations”.

4. The most ridiculous but completely honest pictures found on social media… this one couldn’t be more spot on. I also need this giant shark (sleeping bag?!?)


5. When your friends consider the possibility that you might be pregnant… because you get cravings for dark chocolate, wine, pickles, and salami on the regular. OK the wine part isn’t applicable but the other three are for sure. NO baby here just my body digging the oddest of things. For the record I don’t eat chocolate with pickles, or any other combination of the above foods.

6. Killer snack combinations. Siggi’s raspberry yogurt + peanut butter Perfect Bar. Don’t knock it til’ you try it.


7. When I drink red wine during my late night pre-test study sessions… and end up receiving a 97.5% on said exam. Did I mention I love my genetics class. It’s super neat and the material sticks for me. My fingers are crossed that this pattern stays for the semester! The more classes I immerse myself in and experience the more I find I am a bio-science minded individual. Stick me in a biology, anatomy, physiology, genetics course and I’m a happy camper. Chemistry… not so much. Math… follows the same pattern as chemistry unless it’s statistics which I have an odd liking for.


8. A month ago I was so nervous about teaching group fitness… but now I am so grateful to have to opportunity and am absolutely loving the experience (and want more classes)! I’ve been teaching one HIIT class a week!


Cheers to random Thinking Out Loud topics and posting slightly more even though I’d like to really get back on this blogging bandwagon “part-time”, so about 2-3 posts a week. Goals. But hey, progress is progress nonetheless.

Questions for you guys:

1. Have you tried the Perfect Bars? #seriouslyobsessed

2. What type of classes did you enjoy in high school/college?


“Life would be so wonderful if we only knew what to do with it.” – Greta Garbo