Life lately + a workout + molasses smoothies?!

Hi friends! It’s been a bit… Let’s chat.

I’ve been on the injured bandwagon since the beginning of April… the 5th to be specific. In my last post I told you guys it’s a sprain of my left ankle – ATFL and peroneal tendon inflammation . Shortly after this post I went back to the doctors again as things weren’t necessarily getting worse but there was also zero improvement… insert x-ray number 2 which came back normal, and an MRI which showed a stress fracture in the distal fibula (lateral malleolus). When the injury initially happened I kept saying it wasn’t a stress fracture, it didn’t feel right, it hurt “too much”, it felt like the peroneal tendon was ON TOP OF the distal fibula and I blamed the tendons/ligaments (so soft tissue) rather than bone. I mean after all I’ve had stress fractures before and I know what they feel like/how they present themselves. I also am MUCH healthier now and my body shouldn’t be in a position to develop one. However when it swelled a week after the initial injury and the bone hurt to palpitate I knew something was amiss.


I know my hips are off kilter as I have hip dysplasia in my left hip. Yep it happens in humans and not just dogs. I swear 96.4% of the time people find out I have this they say “doesn’t that happen a lot to dogs?”… My biomechanics are off because of this, asymmetrical hamstring and hip flexor strength/movement patterns, compensations, ect. I have found a way to work with this in terms of lifting and hiking but running is an entirely different ballgame. Every single stress fracture I’ve dealt with is from running (e.g mechanical/use due to lack of shock absorption), or a combination of running and other activities (e.g volume/overuse).

My PT (whom I have seen for every single injury mind you) essentially told me that my foot/ankle mechanics are not designed for running. Especially road running, which I hate but the trails have been very snowy until now. My dorsiflexion is crap, things are tight, I have a bunch of scar tissue, my natural gait pattern is supination (aka I try to walk on the outside of my foot…placing stress on the lateral ankle), ect.

I’m accepting that this is going to be a work in progress. While I ultimately want to get back into distance racing, my current goal is to finish the NH 4000 footers in a year, so by July 20th. I’ve thought long and hard multiple times about this goal since this injury and if I have to push the date back it will NOT be the end of the world. To be honest, if I hadn’t already healed five stress fractures, have a good overall awareness of my body, and built a solid mental health base I’m not sure how I would be handling this. I’m still irritated, anxious, and annoyed, but I’m accepting the process better than I ever have with an injury before. It’s been a lot of letting go of my natural need for control, allowing myself the space to think things through, and not blaming myself too harshly.


“Count your rainbows not your thunderstorms.” – Alyssa Knight

So… the workouts. How does one train with a lower extremity stress fracture that can’t take extra weight? Well, I went from 6 days a week 1-2 workouts a day to 4-5 days and one workout. I’m being smarter, taking more rest (something that will inevitably stay even upon fully healing this injury), and working with what I CAN do versus overthinking what I can’t do. It has been a mix of upper body, core strength and stabilization, mobility, lower body which is safe (e.g lateral band work, monster walks, hamstring curls, gentle biking/spin bike, GHD back extensions). I’m making it work. I’m sharing yesterday’s workout with you guys, and note this bench rep scheme is not my normal style of high weight/low rep. I’ve been enjoying changing things up here and there to create a different stimulus, have some fun, and see what my body can do. It’s kind of HE** at 110 total reps and something I may do once every other month… if you give it a whirl please let me know what you think!

1. Bench press: reps. Start at a weight and increase by 5 lbs. each set. Plan it so that the 2 rep is a weight you could usually 4-5 rep because after 108 reps things feel a tad different…

2. Weighted dips 3×6

3a. Dips 3×12

     3b. Hanging leg raise 3×20

4a. Pull ups 4 sets max effort

     4b. L-sit on rings 4×15 seconds

5a. Push ups 4×15

     5b. V ups 4×15

6. Cable press 3×10

7. Tricep push-down 3×10


In other news I created a new favorite post workout smoothie concoction! It’s like peanut butter banana meets a cookie full of cinnamon and molasses goodness. The flavor profile is broad and it’s classified (to me) as a strange but good combination for sure.

What you need:

  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla cashew milk (or almond/dairy, whatever you prefer)
  • 1 cup water (you could do less, I just like the volume!)
  • 1 scoop protein powder (I used Pescience peanut butter cookie flavor)
  • 1/3 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1/4 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. blackstrap molasses (can do more/less, depends how much you like molasses!)
  • 1 tsp. chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp. powdered peanut butter
  • Hemp hearts
  • Ice



  1. Add everything except molasses, ice, and toppings to blender and blend until smooth
  2. Add molasses and QUICKLY blend as it will try to stick like cement all over the blender
  3. Add as much ice as desired for goal thickness
  4. Top it if you feel like it (I used hemp hearts!)
  5. Drink up, buttercup

Well, if this wasn’t the most all over the map post that I’ve ever put up on the blog than I’m not sure what is.

“Time will pass anyway, you can either spend it creating the life you want or spend it living the life you don’t want. The choice is yours.”


Recipe + being in love with your life

Hi there! Happy Tuesday. It’s officially late fall and feeling like winter in the 603 (NH). Cold mornings, frost on windshields, and the need for copious amounts of hot tea. Plus the fact I’ve broken out the winter jacket at work, my boss loves me.

For the first time ever I am sharing a recipe on Pursuit of an Outlier! How exciting right?! Don’t be too excited though for it’s only a smoothie recipe. Baby steps. I do however have some recipe development going on and some that I already have planned to share with you guys. I have been thinking for a while about beginning to share recipes on the blog and my final decision was yes because I want this space to be focused on healing along with pursuing your passion… because if you aren’t healthy it’s extremely difficult to live life to the fullest. And in my opinion nutrition is the foundation to healing and living a full, vibrant, thriving life. So I’m really excited to share this with you guys going forward. I do however need some help in the photography department. Or perhaps it’s just near impossible to get a halfway decent shot of a smoothie. Hello, bad lighting. Don’t hate.


My go-to powerhouse

  • 1 cup almond milk or other liquid of choice
  • handful of baby kale
  • handful of baby spinach
  • frozen banana
  • 1/2 packet acai berries
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein
  • 1 tsp. maca powder
  • 1/2 tsp. L-glutamine powder

I’ll drink this combination usually 2-3 times each week. It sits well with my body and I’m a fan of the taste from the banana + maca + vanilla flavors. Give it a shot and let me know what you think 🙂 Cool? cool.

Onto balancing… balancing life and all it includes. For me that is school, work, fitness, healing, and social activities. It’s tough to fit everything in and there are days where I wish there would be 30 hours in a day rather than 24. However, let’s be honest then I’d be wishing for 35. There is never enough time and that is why it’s so essential to make the most of the time you do have each day. Sure, I could always do more but instead of doing more I’d rather live more, enjoy more, and love more. It’s the little things.

I’ve definitely talked about this some before and how it’s so important to find a schedule that works for you and allows you to get in a groove. I think another often over-looked part which is equally if not more important is to make sure you are actually doing what makes you happy. It’s so easy to get stuck going through the motions but not actually be happy. Perhaps you’re still pursuing a goal you had a couple years back but it’s not something of interest and excitement anymore. Goals change, that’s ok. It’s part of life. We are constantly evolving our interests, skill sets, and ideas. Perhaps you have a goal that for some reason isn’t being actively pursued and by not pursuing it your starving your soul from what it is you really want. Whatever the case, first things first, make sure you are happy with your life. It’s your life.

10748452_618936481544640_813864772_n source

It’s worth it. Whatever the idea is that you have in your head, pursue it. What if you are successful? What if it makes you happy and in love with every.single.second of your life? If it doesn’t… well you tried and after all it’s all about experience. TRY IT. Take a chance, or two, or three. Go out on a limb and explore new things, new boundaries, new places. You might end up finding yourself in a place you’ve only ever dreamed of being. Explore your limits. Explore your comfort zone. Say YES. And then say yes again. Listen to your soul, your body, your desires and get after them. Set up your day to day in order to reach your goals. Nobody is going to get you there except for you.

Over the past year I’ve done a lot of work around self-reflection. Countless hours journaling, exploring the hopes I have set for my life. Exploring what is holding me back and the limitations I’ve locked myself into. But locked isn’t locked. It’s simply a boundary within my comfort zone. It’s something that I’ve unlocked because I decided it was worth it to pursue what makes me thrive. I’m sick of comfort zones. I sick of not doing what I love out of fear. Fear is an unnecessary evil.

I’ve made the decision to pursue becoming a personal trainer because fitness is what makes me come alive. I love moving, being strong, and feeling like my body can take me where I need it to take me. I want to help other people feel that. I want to inspire them to be the best version of them.

I’m more focused on my education than in the past because I’m learning what I enjoy. I’m learning the things that I can stay up until the wee hours in the morning reading because I’m so interested in them, not because I have to study. Most of my course-work I don’t even think about as school because I just genuinely think it’s fascinating.

This blog makes me smile because I love being transparent about my journey through recovery, fitness, and healing. I think sharing what we go through as a means to help other people going through similar things is such an amazing opportunity. I’m also loving posting more and receiving great feedback and support. Thank you to everyone who reads my little corner of the web, you’re the best.

“She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. ‘Time’ for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows cleans, with passion, like fresh water.” – Roman Payne

xo, S