2014 GOALS

Oh why hello there! It’s been a little while, and by that I mean approaching two months. I’ve been busy yada-yada. What can I say classes, finals, and working my rear-end off over break got the best of me this time around. I’ve been one stress ball/walking ball of anxious energy. Things are getting better, I’m learning to accept I simply cannot do every single thing at the same time and to let things go.

I’m not one to typically make resolutions for the new year. It’s just not a priority of mine. I know my values and what makes me happy, and usually that’s enough for me. However this year something clicked in my brain and I’ve had this ridiculous amount of motivation leading me to actually write down a list of goals. Some of these I hope to fully accomplish in 2014, others just simply making some solid ground would be nice. I think it’s important to have a variety of both long-term/ongoing and short-term goals, it keeps us present and balanced in this hectic life.

A glimpse of the list of things I’d like (and plan) to accomplish.

  1. Heal all injuries: I still have a lingering stress fx and one that I’m not convinced is fully healed.
  2. Gain back, and surpass my previous strength level. Lots of heavy lifting these days, which is feeling great and I’m loving it. I can’t wait to see where this year takes me.
  3. All A’s for spring, summer, and fall semesters!
  4. BALANCE. I will be writing an entire post on this topic along. Keep those beautiful eyes peeled 😉
  5. Become a NEDA Navigator.
  6. Keep this blog going, and keep adding new content to it. Meaningful and genuine content.
  7. Accept that not everything I think is meant for me actually is. I’m a firm believer in trying something twice before marking it as “not for me”. My struggle is in accepting that it isn’t for me when in my mind I feel that I *should* be all for it.
  8. Do more yoga.
  9. Allow myself time to rest and recover. A little R&R never hurt anyone. Word on the streets is it’s also quite helpful for strength gains (oh hey goal #2).
  10. Become a Fitfluential ambassador.
  11. Compete again. This one is going to take some time I am very aware as I do not want to get back into competition before my body and mind are at peace and truly ready to go for it.
  12. Practice mindfulness and meditation. Has anyone ever tried guided meditation?
  13. Learn to make latte art. Guess you could say I pulled off a job as a barista for a reason…
  14. Strength specific goals: 180# squat, 200# deadlift, 150# bench, 12 dead-hang pull ups.
  15. Put in more effort towards my social life. I’m an introvert and the simple act of going out and catching up with friends can sometimes be overly daunting.
  16. Research more in general. Topics of interest: integrative medicine, holistic practice, adrenal dysfunction/over-training, supplementation, the effects of training on the neuromuscular system, ect. I’ve recently been enjoying some of the articles on Breaking Muscle, Chris Kresser, and Ancestralize Me.
  17. Prioritize mobility and preventative work (this partially goes with #1).
  18. Keep working towards the elusive goal of optimal health, whatever that actually may be for my body.


Valid statement.

Forget conventionalisms; forget what the world thinks of you stepping out of your place; think your best thoughts, speak your best works, work you best works, looking to your own conscience for approval.” – Susan B. Anthony.

A manifesto for my life

Everybody enjoys a manifesto. Well, at least I know I’ve always been a fan. Hello Lululemon bags.

I found myself thinking about how I wanted to start off this blog. Would I jump right into topics such as being a pre-medical student and why my goal is to become a Physician, or perhaps my experience with being a competitive athlete. I could even go right into writing about various health, wellness, and/or fitness topics. I’ve found that I typically prefer to learn about the person behind the blog before seeing the content of their blog, which is exactly what I’m going to put forward. Before I get into the deeper stuff, the core topics of what I want for this blog to be based around – I want to provide a basis for what my life is about, the things I believe in. What better than a manifesto for my life?


Do work. Fight hard. Live good. Stay focused. Don’t worry. Lift heavy. Food is medicine. Enjoy movement. Be mobile. Laugh. Don’t save anything for the run (walk) back. Push yourself, mentally and physically. Stop and listen. Drink water. Stop lying to yourself. Do bakasana. Tell people how much they mean to you. Surround yourself with people who support your most difficult dreams. Deadlift. Allow rest. Take action. Be humble. Be even more humble. Take naps. Kick your demons out of your life. Thrive. Eat good food. Enjoy good food. Trust people. Say thank you. Stop over thinking. Slow down when need be, speed up when you can. Drink a cup of coffee before bed now and then, it won’t kill you. Give when nobody is watching. Practice lifting form. Form > weight. Constantly work on mental strength. Ignite passion. Leave the past behind. Don’t quit, can’t fail.


In the end it’s all up to you. I know that if I can trust myself and believe in my goals I will have the right people supporting me, and I will achieve those goals. I’ve had the privilege to meet some phenomenal individuals via my previous blog and other social media forms (read: instagram) who I am beyond thankful for. I cannot wait to meet even more powerful, and strong individuals as I continue this journey.


Questions for you:

1. What are some of the words, or phrases that would be in a manifesto for your life?

2. If you’re a student: what do you study? If you are out of school/opted out of that route: What is your profession? I’m always very intrigued by the way other people live.

Coming back for more

Hi there! I’m Sarah.

While I have written my own blog before I needed a new space. A change. A site that I felt could provide me with room for growth. This is it, The Pursuit of an Outlier.

Welcome 🙂

First off, as to why I refer to myself as an outlier…. Well it’s actually quite simple – I’ve never really fit in, no matter the part of my life. I was always the odd kid out on the playground, the student who just got a long with everyone but was never in a close-knit group, the girl who choose to not go to parties or to partake in other typical teenage activities for that matter, the college student who has since stayed on that same path. It’s my nature. I’m an introvert and quite honestly I love it. Also, I love statistics and we all know outlier refers to a value far from others in a data set…

6 am pre ultra marathon
6 am pre ultra marathon

I’m also a pre-medical student. I love coffee and almond butter equally. I think lifting heavy weights is fun, as are copious amount of double unders. Yoga is a go-to. I’m a supporter of eating disorder recovery. I’m extremely stubborn but I will always listen to the other side of a point. I competed in jump rope at a young age. I’m a fan of piercings, and I have 7. I work as a barista and a cashier when I’m not in school. I mainly just enjoy pushing my limits.

Now if the above proves sufficient evidence for my inability to focus let us move on…

I’m writing this blog as a place to share my story. My personal account of a trial with many errors but also successes. Experience with college, being a science major with plans to become a doctor. The story of how growing up as a competitive athlete comes into play with both mental and physical health and how that competitiveness never leaves. I want to inspire others to believe in themselves even during the darkest of times. I want for people to go after what they want, no matter how much of a challenge may present itself… for that is what makes it fun.

Life is one big adventure and I hope that you can resonate with that statement and join me on this wonderful ride.