Jumping into 2019

Hey folks!

It’s been a hot minute.

I hope all of you enjoyed the holidays and are doing well so far in 2019! This post is a long time coming as it’s now the middle of January. Wait, what, how? Is time actually flying or have I just been super consumed with a plethora of things in my life? I’m going to vote the first even though it’s totally the latter.

Over here in my neck of the woods things have felt more like running into the new year rather than jumping, but I liked the sound of jumping into 2019, hence the oh so clever title.

Literally running. In snowshoes 😉

What have I been up to?

For starters, if you’re subscribed/a regular reader of this blog (hi, I love you) then you may have noticed a new theme. I felt like changing this up a bit and am digging the new look for Pursuit of an Outlier. You know what they say (really though… who is ‘they’)… variety is the spice of life?

This post is going to be part life update and part what does 2019 hold for me.

Let’s talk about December, shall we? I wrapped up my final semester at the University of New Hampshire and will officially graduate in May!!!!! Currently, I’m taking one last class for my degree which is a 6-week art history course which ends February 15th. We can all clearly tell what I’ve avoided throughout my college experience – an art discovery class. Honestly, it’s kind of nice to have a fun class to finish everything up rather than psychopharmacology (glad I did that last year!), although real talk… for my brain, art history is 17x more difficult.

What have I been up to since ending the fall semester? Many things. While there have not been lots of hikes recently, which feels super weird, I’ve still be getting outside and adventuring often. Following a hip flare up in early December, I decided giving it some time versus jumping right back on the high level of activity and pushing my body bandwagon was likely a smart choice. I’m happy to report the hip and body in general feel much better than they have in a long time and this all tremendously excites me. Figuring that it’s winter, I thought this would be a good period to take a break from hiking and biking (winter biking can piss my hip off like no other because of pelvic position in saddle/hip flexor use/it’s cold out so muscles are tighter), and focus on other activities I enjoy such as yoga, climbing, “frolicking” (trail walking/running in some form of interval-ish format), snowboarding, and walking. Just walking is such a wonderful thing that is SOOOOO beyond overlooked. It’s movement, a very natural movement that is relatively easy on the body. I’ve been very much digging local trail walks most days of the week as of late. With these change ups I’ve been experiencing more mental clarity as well, everything makes a little more sense, the dots are connecting, and my creative side has amplified.

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Outside of the activity spectrum, I “lost” my job. I’m not entirely sure how to explain this one but the place I worked for had two locations and the one I worked at since 2011 closed. I wasn’t working much there anyways with school so it was a natural phase out. Right now I’ve been exploring my options from a work perspective and my primary goals are 1. jobs/ways of making income which I enjoy and fulfill me, 2. working enough to both support myself right now and save the money that I need for future endeavors (hang tight, will get into), and 3. aren’t overly stressful.

I’m going to use future endeavors as a gateway if you will into what’s in store for 2019. For starters, some big changes. First off, I’m graduating. I’ll have my degree in Psychology/neuroscience and a minor in nutrition. Wahoo yippee do da. My current living situation is at home as my parents house is a hop and skip (this equates to approximately 12 minutes) from campus. This summer we will ALL be moving as they are packing up, selling house, and moving into 5th wheel RV to travel the US. I’ll be moving as well, and that’s about all I can currently say on that front 😉

What else, what else? Because graduating and moving/selling childhood home aren’t enough, I decided (and no this is not an on the whim thing) to embark on the journey of starting my own business. Much more on this to come but for now I’ll leave it as a cliffhanger! While there are a few other things I have up my sleeve(s), I think this is enough for one post.

The theme of 2019 is definitely the year of growth – personally, professionally, and in my hobbies. I’m thrilled for these adventures. I’m not the biggest guru of new year resolutions per say, but I had jotted down some things I’d like to manifest for my life in the upcoming year which I’ll leave below.


“I think the only way for you to grow and evolve is to keep listening, keep moving forward, keep jumping in and trying to experience.” Dianne Reeves


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